The CDC will extend the eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has extended a nationwide ban on evictions from September 4, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

BUT this protection is NOT automatic. To receive this protection, every adult in your household (18 or older) MUST:

  1. Read the CDC Declaration. Make sure that all of it is true about your situation. To sign the declaration, your household must meet all the eligibility requirements, including that you are not able to pay full rent or other housing payments because your household has lost income or has very expensive medical bills. You can review our eligibility checklist for more info.
  2. Sign the Declaration, if all the information in the Declaration is true. If anything is not true, you should not sign the Declaration.
  3. Give the Declaration to your landlord. Try to send it by email and/or certified mail, so you have proof you sent it.

Keep a copy of the signed Declaration, all other communications with your landlord and any proof you have that you meet the requirements below.

Note: If your landlord already filed an eviction case against you in court, you may still use the Declaration, if you meet the requirements. After you give the Declaration to your landlord, give a copy of the declaration to the Court too.

Eligibility Requirements Checklist

You must meet ALL the requirements below to use the Declaration:

  • You cannot pay your full rent or other housing payments because your household lost income or has very expensive out-of-pocket medical bills;
  • You will likely become homeless or forced to live in someone else’s home in crowded conditions if you are evicted;
  • Your total annual income for Calendar Year 2020-21 will be less than $99,000/year (or $198,000/year for 2 adults) OR you qualified for a stimulus check OR you did not have to pay income tax in 2020;
  • You promise to pay as much of your rent as possible on time; and
  • You have made your best effort to apply for government rental and housing assistance
  1. You can apply for rental assistance through the Unite CT program, or by calling 2-1-1 and asking about the Homelessness Prevention Program.

You can also use the CDC Declaration generator at to (1) sign the Declaration form electronically, and (2) either email it to yourself and to your landlord or download and print it out.