We are so close to winning a Right to Counsel for evictions! This past Monday, Gov. Lamont announced that he is devoting $10 million dollars each of the next two years for a Right to Counsel program in his plan for the federal relief funds Connecticut is receiving through the American Rescue Plan Act. This could never have happened without all of the organizing, mobilizing, and advocacy we have done as a coalition. Let’s use this energy to finish strong and make sure we win this groundbreaking legislation for housing justice!

Here’s our plan for the next two crucial weeks. We need everyone to call & write our local state representatives and senators, the leadership of the state legislature, and the co-chairs of the Appropriations Committee with three basic demands:

  • Vote for HB 6531 – A Right to Counsel for Evictions.
  • Call HB 6531 to the floor for a vote.
  • Fully fund Right to Counsel at $14 million per year for 3 years.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 4 at 6pm for a virtual teach-in and phone bank to launch this big, final push to win a Right to Counsel. It’s open to everyone, so we ask you to please share with your networks and bring everyone you can with you. It always feels incredibly empowering to gather together, even if just virtually, with a concrete plan to win the change we know is necessary for a more just world. The fact we have gotten this far shows how powerful we are when we organize. When we fight we win!!

While the most important thing is our event next Tuesday, we have been busy on several fronts, so please see these amazing updates:

RSVP HERE https://bit.ly/2SmZH7o