Teach young Connecticut residents about the History of Race and Housing in our state!

The CT Fair Housing Center has developed educational materials on the history of race and housing in Connecticut that teachers may use in their school curriculum.

You can view and incorporate our presentations in your classes. They cover the racialized history of housing policies and practices in the United States throughout the 1900s, efforts of the Civil Rights movement to ensure equal access to housing, a fair housing timeline, legacies of historic housing discrimination, and contemporary housing challenges in Connecticut. The materials are designed for incorporation into lesson plans in a number of possible subject areas such as U.S. history, Social Studies, and African American Studies for Grades 4-12.

History of Fair Housing Timeline
History of Race and Housing in Connecticut

If you would like the Center to present in your classes or would like to learn more about how to incorporate our materials in your teaching, contact our Education & Outreach Coordinator at shussain@ctfairhousing.org.