2024 Poster Contest


This year, the Connecticut Fair Housing Center hosted their poster contest after a 6-year hiatus. Students from 6th to 12th grade had the opportunity to submit artwork that embodied the theme: “Moving Forward: A Future in Housing Equity”. Meet our winners!


Our first place winner is Madison Frechette, a student at Norwich Technical High School! When asked about her inspiration for this piece, Madison said: “A home is not limited to just a certain category of person, and that’s what inspired my design. A house can hold many cultures, ideologies, religions, races, etc., and I used Adobe Illustrator to represent this in my own way. The x-ray view of the house shows the many kinds of people residing in it.”


Our second place winner is Madelyn Jolly, a student at Norwich Technical High School! When asked about her inspiration for her piece, she said: “I wanted to create and visualize the steps of the actual movement and creating equality within the housing market. I included different furniture and people to make viewers feel at home. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the visuals and text.”



Our third place winner is Angel Garcia, a student at @Norwich Technical High School! When asked about their inspiration for the piece, they said: “The design was reflected on the motto “Moving Forward”, the design was supposed to lead the readers eye moving upwards while the colors started from black and white, then get softer and more colorful. This represents moving on from our past system and moving towards something better and brighter. The perspective and angle of this design was showing an angle of more, so hero shot, like the sun shining down on us giving us light and hope. The rectangles represented buildings and a city type feel. The background leaning towards a beige tone to represent some comfort.”


Our 4th place winner is Ashton Williams, a student at @Norwich Technical High School! When asked about his piece, Ashton said: “In my poster I wanted to express a new day for housing equity, so the main element is the sun rising. I included a moving truck in the process of moving into a home with symbols of positivity and equity in the clouds. I used adobe illustrator to create my entire poster.”



Our 5th place winner is Aaliyah Goodman, a student at Waterbury Career Academy who also participates with Waterbury Youth Services!



We want to thank our participants for their excellent submissions and look forward to continuing the work to further our mission across the state!